Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweet Valentine Be Mine Tag Extras!

I have been very busy creating tags for contests and everything...Especially lately at MTA! I won 2 tag contests!
One was with JustSan...My V-day banner header will be displayed on her webblog JustSan's Place
(that was 1st place)
and secondly was with Chris Down! I won 2nd place.
So there were more coming up that I had fun and entered...
So please wish me luck! I will post the other winning entries soon.
For MTA my newest tube artist love is listed with MTA and that is Ricarda Muthmann's cute Sweet Pin-Ups!
She was kind enough to make and hand out for free thru MTA's free group her Valentine girls...2 of them...So I took one of them and created THIS:

Tag Extras that I made can be found HERE on my new Fotki site...
They look just like my siggy above!
I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spooky Spider Animation

Halloween of 2011 was so much fun!
And I had had the scrapkit from Arty-Pharty called Honey Trick for quite sometime and made numerous tags from it! (Thank you very much!)
But I wanted an animation that would make my tag come to life! I love the little Spider that is included in this kit!
I DID NOT Create the Spider...The credit goes to Arty-Pharty! I just made the spider come to life!
He's not Spooky!! He's Cute!
Check him out!

Now, you too, can use the Spooky Spider in your tags...
You can download him as a Zip file HERE. Zip file contains the A/S .mng file, the .gif file preview and the Credits to Arty-Pharty.
Please do not redistribute or claim as your own. Please leave file names intack.
Thank you and Enjoy!

Glistening, Blowing Snow Animation

Not long ago I made a wintery tag. I wanted to use something different other than your typical, average, falling snow. I wanted to make an animation with this cool element I had found in a wintery scrapkit and I can't for the life of me right now remember where I found it, but if someone comes forth and lets me know, I would be more than happy to give proper credit where credit is due. So I did not make the actual element here, I only created the animation effect.
So, here is the preview...

You can download the Zip file HERE which includes the A/S .mng file and the .gif file preview.
*PLEASE NOTE* The preview is set on a blue background. The actual animation is on a transparent background. This particular animation does not save nicely as a transparent .gif without a background or being used on a tag.
Please leave filenames intack. No need for credits. Do not redistribute or claim as your own.
Thank you and Enjoy!

Animated Bubbles

Not too many cool animated bubbles out there!
So I got frustrated one day and just made my own!
What's so great about these is they can be easily colorized to suit your needs!
Just Open the .mng file up in A/S, Select All frames, Export to PSP and colorized and use them in your creation!
I have used these in Seaside or Mermaid tags and then colorized them a golden hue to use as Champagne Bubbles recently in a New Year's Eve tag!
Lots of ideas and possibilities!
Take a look here!

You can download the Zip file HERE. (Includes the A/S .mng file and .gif file preview).
Thanks and Enjoy!

Little Black Floating Feather Animation

I took the black feather from the floatie animation I created and made it float...
Check it out!
It's a little bigger than the preview. It's about the same size as the floatie.
You can download it HERE. (Zip file includes the A/S .mng file and .gif file preview!)
Thanks and Enjoy!

Little Black Feather Floatie Animation

I needed the little feathers one time from a floatie I found so I colorized the floatie and then made an animation out of it!
Just right click to save as to your computer. Please keep filename intack.
Thank you and Enjoy!

Little Black Flowers Floatie Animation

I needed a floatie one day with little black flowers...So I colorized a floral floatie and made some slight changes to the animation.
Just right click and save as to your computer!
Please leave filename intack!
Thanks and Enjoy!

Pink BCA Ribbon Floaties

These were made from a random BCA Scrapkit...I just used a simple ribbon, varied the size and created a floatie.
Right click and save to your pc!
Open up in A/S and use it to fill...
No credit needed! But please keep file name intack! Thanks!


Magic of Christmas WordArt

OK...So I know Christmas is over...but here is my first PSP related post to get things started...
It's WordArt I created this past Christmas.
Download it now and you can use it next year!
I included a tag sample too so you can see how I used it!


Click to download the PSP WordArt tube HERE. Thank you and Enjoy!

Not Very Happy!

I was supposed to change the look and feel of my blog because I was told by a very knowledgeable advisor that I couldn't use Candi's header because it violated PFD's copyrights because ©Lady-Mishka and the fact she was bought at PFD wasn't an image to use for Website Design. So I played it safe and stuck with Scrapkit Elements! Thank you very much!
And I designed the header above myself based off scrapkit elements I collected from fellow designers.Link
I hope you all like! I learned the trick from The Cutest Blog on the Block!

Well...I'm going to bed and maybe later I can start posting some of my goodies...I need FOLLOWERS!! Feel free to link to me!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My New Blog Is Coming Alive!!

Kudos and Many Thanks to my friend Candi who helped design my blog's new header!! She really caputured the true essence of Karenality's Creations and Karenality Graphics and kept the same color scheme!! YAY!! Now, please be patient as I figure this whole thing out...
I will start sharing some of my stuff here soon...